Hello there! My name is Shina. Welcome to my shop!

How it works

Step 1: Product selection and custom add-on options:

To order a custom digital portrait for yourself or your loved ones, please select the product of your choice and add to cart. You can also select multiple add-ons options such as number of people and pets in the portrait, full-body or half body portrait, and custom background according to your choice.


Step 2: Add to cart and confirm order:

After adding your final choice of products to the cart, please check out and provide your contact details to proceed with the order.


Step 3: Select payment method and review summary

We accept payment through any Debit Card, Credit Card, or PayPal. 

Please add notes or instructions to add any personalized message, names, special occasion dates, and required size of the digital portrait without any extra cost. Please review the summary of the final order and proceed for payment.


Step 4: Payment and order confirmation:

Please enter your Debit or Credit Card details or select the Pay with PayPal option to make the payment. Once your payment is successful you will receive an order confirmation.


Step 5: Order communication:

After your order is received, we will contact you within 24 hours through email, to collect pictures and details to draw your digital portrait.


Step 6: Sharing draft version:

Within 1-2 weeks, we will send a low-resolution version of the digital portrait to your email, to collect your feedback. Any minor change will be entertained at no extra cost. Any major change will be charged extra, depending on the effort and scale of the change.


Step 7: Digital delivery of final portrait:

After 1 week from receiving your feedback on the low-resolution version, we will deliver the final digital portrait in high-resolution quality to your email. Please note that currently we offer ONLY DIGITAL DELIVERY of the final portrait to your email and DO NOT SHIP printed portraits to your address.


Cancellation and Returns:

We DO NOT ACCEPT returns or cancellations on the orders that we already delivered or started. If we’ve not started working on your order, we will accept cancellation and refund your full amount.

For additional inquiries or custom digital group portraits, please e-mail at [email protected]